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mission and values
We are a company focused and specialized in production and machination of stainless steel components for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and automation industries which clearly expose the high standards of quality and enforceability we work with. We have searched early to accomplish the mission we set out to: work every day to meet the needs of our clients incorporating in our products the highest level of quality at competitive prices. It is a family business and therefore we seek to form a young and dynamic team which is governed by a set of values of which we are proud, namely the close proximity to our customer (building a solid and faithful partnership), trying to anticipate their needs and giving them answers in a timely manner; and the constant desire for innovation, always looking to work with the most current tools of the market.
- Create value, grow and diversify the business;
- Maintaining a balanced financial structure;
- Maximize the efficiency and profitability in the use of infrastructure;
- Increase the productivity levels;
- Reduce the unit costs;
- Achieve a greater proximity to customers;
- Strengthening the institutional relations at the international level;
- Acquire new knowledge and find new examples.

CreationInoxcom was created in 2000 by two partners driven by a strong entrepreneurial instinct, great ambition and an overwhelming desire to fight for a better life for themselves and their families.

Buy of the first CNC machineThe purchase of the first CNC machine was an important milestone in the company's history as it opened the way for what would become the identity of the company itself: always seek to have in-house the most advanced technology on the market.

5th yearThe strong growth recorded by the company in the first five years of existence made it necessary to carry out a social capital increase of the company. By this time the company already had two CNC machines and started the production of mass accessories.

Beginning of exportsThe company starts the export process to Spain, selling accessories to the food sector.

Changing of facilitiesOver the years and with continued growth, the company is faced with the need to move the facilities to a substantially larger area and better placed geographically in order to be able to continue to expand and invest.

Complete overhaul of the company's image/15th anniversaryLooking to adapt constantly to the needs and demands of the market where it operates and taking the opportunity to make an important milestone in the company's history celebrating the 15th anniversary, the company decided to invest in a complete overhaul of its image.